Presenting Mizzlin!

I'm so excited to announce my new pattern, Mizzlin, is now available from my online store and my Ravelry store

Mizzlin is a Lancashire word meaning that fine, drizzling rain that clings to everything and, for some reason, always seems much wetter than other any other type of rain. Does that make sense?! It is also referred to as Billinge Rain where I come from but I have no idea why so let's not worry about that!

Anyway, as I was saying, the name of this hat has roots from those murky, grey days in the North West of England, and I wanted to design a hat that brightens everything up and keeps that drizzly wet rain from your head. A contrasting cast on leads to a deep, twisted rib brim that fits snugly over your ears. Tiny acid yellow leaves cover the body, leading to simple decreasing at the crown and a gathered top, finished proudly with a bright, glowing pom pom.

The yarn I have used is the amazing Tamar Lustre 4ply by Blacker Yarns and it is so beautiful! It is spun from the fleeces of fine British rare breeds, including Teeswater, Wensleydale and Leicester Longwool. It's soft and wooly and the colours Gwindra and Tiddy Brook just shine. Blacker Yarns are one of my favourite companies to work with as their care and passion for natural, sustainable fibres are as inspiring as the finished product itself and it shows in every single stitch. I could honestly knit with it every day!

When I was designing this hat I really wanted to create a pattern that would be the perfect project for beginners of stranded knitting. Using more than one colour to create patterns and images in your knitting is so satisfying when you master it, but getting there can be a frustrating and disappointing endeavour.  So to accompany the pattern I decided to add a section to share some insight into how I approach stranded knitting. I am by no means an expert, and the way I work may not be ideal for you, but I thought it would at least help beginners get started. I share tips on choosing the best yarn to start with, information on getting enough colour contrast so the pattern stands out, holding your yarn, getting your tension right and how to swatch in the round. I've included lots of images to go with the information and in particular I wanted to show how the wrong side of my work looks when I work as I think this can really help beginners understand that tricksy temptress Tension. I remember my first attempt at colourwork being full of gaps between the changes!

If you decide to give Mizzlin a go I would love to see your projects. As always you can tag my on Instagram using @flossiknits and the hashtags #flossiknits and #mizzlinhat and if you need any help at all please do not hesitate to email me at!

Have a lovely day and happy knitting! 

Claire xxxx

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