Avocado dyeing...again!

Since I first started playing around with natural dyeing I've tried a lot of different things, some successful, some not so much! One that I always seem to keep coming back to time and again is Avocado dye! Why you ask!? Well first there's that colour. Strange really, because of all the colours out there pink has never been one of my favourites, but there's something about that dusky pink though! And then there's the avocado itself. I've always been a fan, they're delicious, and as I've got older and my diet unfortunately became more and more complicated they've ended up being a staple part of my eating, a safe go to when I'm feeling less than perky. So winner winner! I can eat them to my hearts desire then save the skins and pits to make something super pretty! 

So, the main reason I collected up my saved avocado pits and skins is this monster of a skein I've been saving in my stash for about three years. I get really precious over certain skeins, especially one like this. It was a gift from my parents when they visited Tallin and it's locally spun into a massive 350g skein. It's super wooly and rustic and gorgeous! Unfortunately something bitey got into my stash and when I last got it out it had been nibbled! Time to commit to a pattern and make this baby into something fun! Well, actually I still haven't decided on a pattern, but I did decide I wanted to dye it with my favourite natural dye! Take a look below!

How pretty is that pink! I used a combo of both the pits and the skins and heated them slowly to bring them to a simmer before letting them cool again. I repeated this several times over a few days. The best thing with avocados is to be patient. It can take a little while to extract a deep colour but it's so worth it! I also find that shifting the ph with a little baking soda really helps to! The yarn was mordented with alum and cream of tartar and once the dye was ready I added the wet, cool fibres into the cool dye bath. I brought it very slowly to a simmer and let it cool and repeated this process a couple of more times. Heat control is very important with protein fibres! You don't want a sudden change in temperature or you risky felting your lovely yarn!

 Once the yarn was dyed there was still loads of colour in the dye pot so I threw in some cotton fabric that I had pre mordanted with soya milk. I heated and cooled it a few times then left it in there for a few days before rinsing. The result was gorgeous! A really deep dusky pink. It paired really well with some fabric I'd eco printed so I decided to sew up these project bags as gifts for some lovely knitting friends!

So that's my latest adventure into avocado dyeing! If you have any questions about the process at all please post it in the comments! I'd love to share whatever I have learned! You can also keep up with my other dye adventures on instagram!

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