After plenty of chart studying and swatching I have decided to have a go at this lovely cable hat from my new book Cable Fashion Drama! One of the issues I’ve come up against with trying to knit from a book entirely in Japanese is that you have no idea what yarn they suggest or what weight to use or what the gauge is. A bit tricky that! What I worked out from the charts was that you cast on 90 sts, but according to my swatch that would be too small for my sizeable noggin and big hair! So instead I have added another repeat of the cable pattern so fingers crossed it works out!

There’s not much to show at the moment, I only cast on last night, but wanted to show how the wool was knitting up. I’m using Madelintosh Merino DK in Holi Festival and it is so nice! Super soft and squishy and the colours are so much fun! I will post more pics when there is a bit more hat!