Avocado Dye Update!


I woke up this morning convinced it was Saturday, what’s that about!? It was a bit of a shock when I realised it wasn’t. Anyway, before the weekend I posted that one of my plans was to dye a skein of my John Arbon wool for the Fine and Dandy KAL, so I thought I’d do a little update with how it was going.

I processed the pits over a few days by cutting them up and adding them to my dye pot with tap water. By processing I mean I started by heating them to just about simmering for a hour, then let them cool and repeated this sporadically over the next two days. What I got was a pale dusky pink dye that was very pretty. I was a bit worried though, as last time I used avocado pits I got an almost black/red dye. This was after doing the heating/cooling thing for about two weeks though and I don’t have that sort of time as the KAL finishes at the end of the month. So I decided yesterday to go ahead with my original plan of simmering the wool in the strained dye for an hour as normal and I’d see what colour I was getting. Then pop it in a jar to hopefully deepen a little more.

So, as predicted, the wool went a lovely pale coraly/pink in the pot. It was pale though, and my socks are having a contrasting heel/toe so I wanted to make sure I got a bit more depth. I let the wool cool in the pot and sorted through my strained avocado pits, taking the main chunks out and getting rid of any bits that would get stuck in the fibres. Then I made a bit of a crazy decision. To make sure I got a bit more colour to my wool I dissolved about half a tablespoon of turmeric in some water and added it to the bottom of my jar. I added the dye from my pot and swirled it altogether, then added my wool, throwing the pits in there at the same time. I then panicked a bit! Turmeric gives an extremely vibrant colour which is why I only put a small amount in. I didn’t want to completely hide the lovely pink from the avocados, just nudge it towards more of a peachy colour and give the wool a bit more saturation. Well that was the erratic plan I suddenly decided on! I guess we’ll see! That’s all part of the fun of natural dyeing, it’s always a bit of a surprise at the end. I keep moving it around either outside or on a sunny window sill to get as much out of the solar dyeing before rinsing tomorrow!

I’ll keep you posted with the results, happy Tuesday all! x