Avocado Take 2!


Even though I’m loving the colour of my Fine and Dandy yarn I was still left wanting to get that lovely dusky pink I’d been seeing other people get with their avocado pits. Once I’d taken my yarn out of the jar I decided to leave the pits in there with the remaining dye and I thought I’d leave it in a sunny spot and see what happened. At this point the dye was still a pale, murky pink/orange. After another full day in the sun still no change, but then I got some great advice from an instagram chum who told me to try adding washing soda!

Side note about washing soda! It’s a house hold product that’s super easy to find in america, but I was unsure here in the UK. We have soda crystals which sound the same but after some digging are possibly different. I’m still not 100% sure! Anyway, it turns out it is very similar to baking soda and you can make your own washing soda by baking baking soda in the over for an hour to create washing soda! Phew! It was pretty easy, but next time I’m going to try just regular baking soda and see if it’s the same. 

So what does it do for your avocado dye? It shifts the ph up making it more alkaline which apparently avocado pits love! I wish I had taken a before and after pic, because the change was instantaneous! Within 10 seconds the liquid had turned a deep rosy red colour and over the next few days it got deeper and deeper! After about a week I figured it was good to go! I strained it through some fabric to get rid of some residue that had built up then added my wool and stuck it back into the window for another week in the sun! And hey presto, it worked! Pretty chuffed with how it turned out!

So what have I learned from my two avocado experiments?! You definitely need patience. My mistake with the first batch was trying to get a dusky pink over a weekend. The longer it sits in it’s warm jar the better the result, and I can understand that, I love a long bath myself! Also adjusting the ph does wonders for extracting the colour. I’ve since ordered some litmus paper so I’ll be paying closer attention to this in all my dyeing experiments from now on!

There’s still a lot of colour left in the dye so I think I’m going to try dyeing some fabric in it! I hope the start of everyone else’s week has been as satisfying! Have a great Monday! x