Finally managed to get a finished photo of the avocado dyed wool! Ran into a few issues with this one. The first is not really a dye issue but a post one. I made the dye bath expecting the wool I ordered to arrive soon after but the parcel was super delayed because of a snow storm so it was sat around for 2 weeks before I used it, I was worried it would start going mouldy!

It made a lovely dark dye, almost black, so I thought it would be fun to try dip dyeing it to get a more tonal effect. Here’s where I ran into the next problem. I slowly lowered the skein in over about 40mins and initially it looked like it has worked beautifully and was really graduated. As soon as I went to rinse though almost all the colour ran out. So I threw it back into the dye bath with more of the dye and left it in there for an hour then left it to cool over night to give it more time to take in the dye. The finished result was much nicer and I got this lovely pale dusky rose! I still have some of the dye left over so I’m going to try solar dying some cotton to see if I get a deeper colour!