Fine And Dandy KAL


My Fine and Dandy’s are done and just in the nick of time! I was starting to get a bit worried last week and I’d not had as much time as I would have liked to work on them, but I managed to get them on the blockers by Friday! I’m so happy with them and it’s fun to look back at their progress from naked skein to sock! I was working on these all the way through April, from dyeing to knitting, and it’s lovely to see the month out with a lovely new pair of socks on my feet!

Even though we’re only 3 days into May I already have a new project on the needles so I’ll be sharing pics of that soon! It’s a blanket and I posted a pic of the beginnings of it on instagram already. This one’s a little time sensitive as it’s for my pending nephew and I’d love to have it pretty much done by the time he arrives. I’m also itching to cast on a new pair of socks with my avocado yarn but I’m going to try and hold off a little as I’ve still got my Waterlily patiently waiting. The problem is I want to knit all the things and just don’t have the time!

Happy Tuesday! xxxx