For my first post on my new blog I thought my first knit of 2015 would be a good place to start! I treated myself a little while ago to 3 mini skeins of Kettle Yarn’s Twist in Icicle, Silver Lining and Macho Mint. I love this wool! It’s 100% british bluefaced leicester and lovely and soft while still being really hard wearing. I’d used it to make some mittens last Christmas and wore them all through last winter and this winter with no sign of pilling so a good choice for a scarf! It also gives lovely stitch definition and was perfect for this English Rose Tweed stitch. I first came across this stitch on the Purl Bee blog, it’s part of their lovely Stitch Block Cowl and is really nice to knit. Follow the link to the Purl Bee for some brilliant tutorials on knitting into the stitch below, which is one of the techniques you need to knit this stitch.

Here is the pattern for my scarf:

Colour A: Macho Mint

Colour B: Icicle

Colour C: Silver Lining

Cast on 50 stitches using your preferred method, I used long tail.

Set up row: With Colour B, knit to end.

Row 1 (rs): With Colour B k1, *p1,k1 in the row below, repeat from * to last stitch, k1.

Row 2 (ws): With Colour B, knit.

Row 3: With Colour C, k1, *k1 in the row below, p1, repeat from * to last stitch, k1.

Row 4: With Colour C, knit.

Rows 5 and 6: With Colour A, repeat rows 1 and 2.

Rows 7 and 8: With Colour B, repeat rows 3 and 4.

Rows 9 and 10: With Colour C, repeat rows 1 and 2.

Rows 11 and 12: With Colour A, repeat rows 3 and 4.

Repeat rows 1 to 12 until you have come to the end of your wool, making sure to leave enough to bind off using your own method!