Happy April 1st!


Not really sure what happened to March, but that always seems to happen these days. I’m sure I’ll be sat here in May saying the same about April! So really it should officially be spring, but in true English style it’s pouring down. Ah well, there is that song about April showers so I shouldn’t be too surprised. I decided though that despite the weather I would turn my brain into Spring mode. I have two knitting project plans to share with you today!

Number one, my Waterlily in the above pic! For some reason around November time I suddenly got the urge to cast on this lovely knitted top from one of the Spring editions of PomPom. If you haven’t seen it before look here! Not exactly practical winter wear.

When I first saw it I thought it was lovely but not really my style so I didn’t join in when everyone else seemed to be making it. But then in the depths of last winter I was looking through other peoples projects on ravelry and decided I had to have one! So I bought wool and cast on and got all the way to the latvian braid and then got totally distracted making Christmas presents, so it has been hibernating ever since! So out it comes! This is most likely what I will be working on over the weekend along side my other little early April project…

Number two, dyeing wool! I’m starting a batch of avocado dye for some socks I am making. I’ve dyed with avocados before and was really happy with the results, which you can see here. I never actually got to knit with it though as it was part of a yarn swap for fibre share, so I thought it would be fun to give it a go and make some dusky pink socks!

This time to try and get a deeper colour I’ve decided to follow what I did last time with heating it on the stove, but then pouring the yarn and dye into a glass jar and leaving it outside for a few days to solar dye, so I’ll be tracking my progress on here!

Oh, and the socks! The socks are called Fine and Dandy by The Sweater Company and the pattern is here! The cost is just $1 AUS and all the proceeds go to UNICEF! There’s a KAL going on until the end of April so fingers crossed my wool is dyed and knitted up by then! 

So those are my weekend plans! I hope you all have fun projects to do and fingers crossed we might see a little sun! I’ll sign off with a lovely image of The Sweater Co’s Fine and Dandy socks!