I realised the other day that even though I started this blog as a place to show the things I have knitted and what I’m working on it has been massively taken over by my sudden wool dyeing obsession! I’ve been meaning to share this cardigan in progress on here for ages now but for some reason only ended up sharing on instagram. Ah well, here it is, my first cardigan! I’ve been working on Aureus from Issue 7 of PomPom magazine since last month and it’s been such a nice project! It’s by Michelle Wang and I will definitely be making more of her designs because I love the finished result! It seemed to knit up fairly quickly as well as I only started it mid February and was worried by the time I finished it would be too warm! But as you can see there is still snow on the ground and it’s been the perfect temperature to snuggle into this cardigan! The only things that are missing still are the buttons, I haven’t found any that I really liked yet but hopefully I will soon.  It hasn’t stopped me from wearing it! I love the colour as well. Normally I hardly ever choose the same colour as a pattern but I love yellow and end up wearing it a lot.

I think my favourite thing about making this cardigan was actually the thing I was most dreading, the making up! Once I had all my pieces blocked I realised there was still quite a bit to do and it could well stay in pieces for the next five years if I wasn’t careful. Once I started sewing the seams though I found it really therapeutic and loved seeing the cardigan taking form. It also gave me good practise on picking up stitches for the button and neck bands, which has been awesome for the latest project I have cast on, but I’ll share more of that next time!