So seeing as I fulfilled one of my knitting new years resolutions with the natural dyeing, I decided it was time to get to grips with one of the others. The stash! It’s a little out of control! The above pics show just some of it! They do, however, show some of my wool that I think is gorgeous in skein form, but that takes me out of my comfort zone a bit knitting wise. Main example, picture two. Also known as the day I decided I would be awesome at lace knitting before even trying it and decided to buy all the lace yarn in front of me. This is only some of it, because it was many years ago and one of my first encounters with a skein which I tried to knit from directly without winding so there’s a tangled mass of it in a bag I need to face one day.

I bought these gorgeous skeins of alpaca and merino silk at a farmers market in Calgary when I was visiting my sister about 8 years ago. So for 8 years I have sporadically looked at it, moved it from shelf to shelf, put it in a bag and lost it for a while, found it and looked at it some more, and put it back on the shelf. What a waste! And look at how much I bought! (don’t forget the tangled stuff!).

Another tricky one is the lovely 2 skeins in the last picture. These were lovingly bought for me by my sister when she was visiting Salt Spring Islands, also about 7 - 8 years ago. It’s made from goat fibre and I have also had it sat on my my shelf all this time because I didn’t really know what to do with it. Up until then I’d bought yucky acrylic because it felt soft, and came in bright colours, and all the reasons you have when you’re first starting to really knit and know no better. I think this must have been my first encounter with a fresh off the farm, 100% natural fibre, and all the things I love about it now really freaked me out at the time so it too stayed unused. Not anymore though! I can’t wait to work out something fun to do with it, some natural dyeing first maybe?! 

Anyway, this is some of my stash that I will hopefully be whittling down over the coming months and turning into some fun projects that I will post as I go along. Some long searches on ravelry are to come!