To pompom or not to pompom, that is the question here! Now I am most definitely for pompoms of all shapes and sizes, I would attach them to everything if I could! The problem I have with hats is I get over excited and make the biggest pompom there is because it looks so much more fun, but it causes all kinds of problems. You can’t put your hood up for instance! You can also feel it wobbling around as you walk (which secretly I actually like!) and the most frustrating of all people can’t help but ping it when they see it! I think it brings out their inner cat and they can’t help but take a swipe at it! Yea, it’s attached to the hat I’m wearing people, moving it around is making my beastie curls matt together under here!

Now my pompom issues have been aired let’s get to the hat itself! You may remember the beginnings of it from this previous post. It was from a pattern from ‘Cable Fashion Drama’ and I’m super pleased with how it turned out, especially as it was entirely in Japanese and there was quite a bit of guesswork involved. As I mentioned in the previous post my gauge was completely off, I used a DK and they must have used a worsted at least so I added an extra section in the pattern and also an extra repeat of the small cables at the base and at the top of the hat. This seemed to do the trick! Though next time I would add even more at the cuff as it’s only just long enough and I like my hats to have a bit of room to play with.

The wool has fast become one of my favourites to knit with. It’s so soft and the change in colour is so fun. I’m not normally a massive fan of extreme variegated yarns but I love the cream background with the flecks of neon.

Anyway, to finish on the pompom question I think I’m going to try and restrain my self and make a modest sized pompom to finish off my hat that will hopefully cause no problems under my hood and will not attract unwanted attention from passers by!