Cairn Release

Hello and happy release day! I'm so excited to share my brand new shawl pattern with you I thought it would be fun to record a little video to show you some of the work that goes into creating a pattern from thinking up the idea to getting it ready for release! I hope you enjoy it! You can see the pattern for Cairn in my Ravelry store here, I hope you like it as much as I do! I know I'm biased but I can't wait until the weather gets cooler and I can snuggle into it!

BREEZE Knit-a-long!

Hello lovely folks! I have some super exciting news to share! A couple of weeks ago the lovely ladies over at Making Stories got in touch to ask if I would be interested in hosting a KAL for one of the patterns from their brand new book BREEZE. Err......mother may I?!!! Of course I said yes! Not only is their work beyond awesome but they are some of the nicest, most talented, genuine women you could meet.


If you haven't heard of them before Making Stories is an independent knitwear design publisher based in Berlin, owned and run by Verena Cohrs and Hanna Lisa Haferkamp. BREEZE is the second book in their European Nature series which combines ethically and environmentally-friendly made yarns with modern, minimalist knitwear designs. In addition to the patterns, BREEZE also includes individual profiles of the designers and yarn companies involved, as well as articles and interviews relating to sustainable yarn, summer knitting and the stories of inspiring members of the fibre community! I was so lucky and honoured to be a part of their first book WOODS and I know exactly how much love and passion goes into their work and I'm so excited to be involved again!

So what am I doing? Basically, Making Stories will be running one big KAL for all the patterns in BREEZE, with lots of exciting prizes! Along side this there will also be lots of other design specific KALS run by other knitters such as myself! For my KAL, I got to choose which of the patterns I would like to make, and after a lot of back and forth (I was spoilt for choice!) I decided to go with the Coromuel Pullover pictured below, a gorgeous three quarter length sleeve jumper designed by Joan Forgione (@papermoonknits on Instagram) and featuring the gorgeous Masham Mayhem 4ply from Ginger Twist Studios and I seriously can't wait to cast this on! I ordered my yarn already! I can see me wearing this not only over the spring/summer but right into Autumn! Would you like to join me?! If you are interested in this KAL or any of the Making Stories KAL's for BREEZE keep reading for all the details below!


Details Of The KAL

So first of all if you think you would like to get involved you can see all the patterns and pre order your copy of BREEZE here at the Making Stories website! You can also get all the sizing and yarn requirement info for Coromuel and all the other patterns on the BREEZE Ravelry page. The official start date is the 4th May and it will run until the 30th June and both the Making Stories main KAL and my Coromuel KAL will be run on Instagram and on Ravelry! Don't worry, I know the start date is coming up quick but you still have plenty of time order your copy of BREEZE and get involved!

What to do to participate.

  • First of all, order BREEZE from Making Stories!
  • Then, obviously, you need your yarn! Whether you stash dive or splurge, this is one of my favourite parts of planning a new project and it makes all the difference to the finished piece. I'm using the suggested yarn, Masham Mayhem 4ply by Ginger Twist Studios. The online store is closed at the moment but if you are in Edinburgh I strongly suggest you give the bricks & mortar shop a visit!
  • Once you have your pattern and your yarn then lets get swatching! As mentioned I'll be hosting the KAL on Instagram & Ravelry. You can find me on Instagram as @flossiknits and I'll also be hanging out in the Making Stories Ravelry Group where there is a dedicated chatter thread for our KAL that can be found here.  There is also the main chatter thread for the overall BREEZE KAL that can be found here!
  • Hashtags! To keep track of the KAL on Instagram we'll be using #flossicoromuelKAL so we can easily see what everyone is up to. To keep linked with the main KAL you can also use #breezemakingstorieskal as well as #breezemakingstories and #coromuelpullover.
  • I'll be keeping an eye on everyone's progress and, with your permission of course, regularly sharing updates on Instagram and Instagram Stories!

I think that's everything! I'd love to see you join in and have some lovely people to knit-a-long with! If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me and ask away!

Talking Patreon And The Lovely Hanna Lisa

Hello Folks! Today I wanted to write a post about something you may or may not have heard about called Patreon. What is that you say?! Well lets see what Patreon says Patreon is…

Our mission? Oh, nothing short of helping every creator in the world achieve sustainable income. We’re making this happen by building the best platform for creators to make money, run their creative businesses, and connect with the fans who matter most.
— Patreon

Hmmmmm, intriguing! So basically if you are a creator of things, your fans pay you a subscription amount of their choice in exchange for what you offer, whether that’s knitting patterns, podcasts, whimsical fruit shaped glasses, whatever! It’s a really interesting concept, and for someone like me who runs their own creative business you can see the appeal. I started thinking of the flip side of this though. I can see all the benefits I would get out of this, but if I were to create a page what would my Patreons get, how would this be good for them and enrich their life? It was during this mulling period that the amazing and talented Hanna Lisa Haferkamp launched her own Patreon page!

Photo courtesy of Hanna Lisa Haferkamp -

Photo courtesy of Hanna Lisa Haferkamp -

Up until now the only Patreon pages I had looked at and become a Patreon of were from fellow knitwear designers who’s work I love and wanted to support. Hanna Lisa’s was different though, it was to be based on her Creative Boss Training program and the content is a combination of blog posts and video. I have been a viewer of Hanna Lisa’s Podcast for a while and have always loved her business segments so it was a no brainer to become one of her Patreons. I am proud to be subscribing to her Spring level subscription, which means I get access to monthly Creative Boss Tutorial Videos that Hanna Lisa puts together specifically for her Patreons and on topics that we have voted for. The first video just blew me away. The amount of detail and information that she managed to convey in one video was amazing, and not just amazing, but practical, and useful, and seriously just broke through the fog in my brain that normally forms when people want to discuss finances with me. And trust me, that fog gets super dense! 

It brought me back to this concept of how do your Patreons benefit from this relationship, and I realised that what is really comes down to is finding a creative that not only you can connect with but that offers you something that perhaps you yourself are lacking. Does that make sense? The best way I can think to describe it is that I have X and I need to get to Y, but I’m struggling, but it’s ok because Hanna Lisa just came along and built me a little bridge between X and Y, but not just a regular bridge, a bridge/bouncy castle hybrid that I can jump around on and have fun on whilst getting to Y!

Photo courtesy of Hanna Lisa Haferkamp -

Photo courtesy of Hanna Lisa Haferkamp -

After the first video was released I knew I wanted to spread the word a little about Hanna Lisa’s page because I genuinely feel that as a creative who works in the knitting industry and wants to for a long time to come, working with Hanna Lisa will not only help me to progress and grow as a designer and business woman, but seriously enrich the experience along the way. Plus you can see within the first five minutes of one of her Creative Boss videos how much work, passion and love goes into what she is doing, and that alone is something to be celebrated! I reached out to her to say I was hoping to write this blog post and ask if that would be ok with her and she was so supportive and enthusiastic and right away offered to give up her time to have a skype call with me, which of course I said yes to! 

It was so great to talk to her and I soon realised why I felt such a connection to her work and her outlook. Not only is Hanna Lisa a super creative and talented designer/maker (she has a gorgeous line of handmade project bags to name just one venture) but she is so passionate about working with other creative people and nurturing their passions, not just with a view to making money, but to help create a sustainable and fulfilling livelihood. Hanna Lisa made a really lovely remark saying, ”not one business is the same, they are one woman shows and everyone is doing it because of slightly different reasons under slightly different circumstances, but everyone is doing it because they love what they do.” Here here!

Photo courtesy of Jill Marie Photography -

Photo courtesy of Jill Marie Photography -

Hanna Lisa offers Creative Boss Coaching where she will work one on one with you to talk through your business ideas and help with everything from strategising, to branding, to marketing and much more. With her Patreon she wanted to be able to use her tutorial videos to reached a broader audience and to help people who possibly aren’t able to take part in the more intensive coaching. One of the things that really stands out to me when I’m watching the videos is the sheer amount of work that it must take to create one. I thought it would be interesting to get some insight in to just what goes into creating a Creative Boss Tutorial video. First of all there is the content. As I mentioned before, as a patreon I get to cast my vote on what sort of topic I would like the next months video to be about. Once the topic has been chosen Hanna Lisa has to work out what to include, outlining the general discussion points then breaking them into segments. Then she needs to decide what to include in each segment. How much of that will be her talking? Will there need to be an accompanying work sheet? Will there be demos? etc, etc! It’s a huge amount of work before she even starts filming the actual video, but once she has all her content it’s time to get it filmed and then start editing and putting it all together. Once the editing is done it's uploaded to Patreon where folks like me can view at our pleasure as many times as we like! It’s a much more intense and precise way of working compared to putting her podcast together and I was blown away by how she is able to organise so much information into such clear and concise content. 

Photo courtesy of Hanna Lisa Haferkamp -

Photo courtesy of Hanna Lisa Haferkamp -

I loved getting to spend some time talking with Hanna Lisa, her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is so infectious and inspiring!  I hope you have enjoyed this insight into how she works and found my thoughts, as one of her patreons, useful if you were curious about the process or wondering if it would be right for you. If you are a creative business looking for a little guidance I really encourage you to check out Hanna Lisa’s Patreon page to see all the reward levels she offers! You can also find all the info about her Creative Boss Coaching here at 

Have a great day! x

Avocado dyeing...again!

Since I first started playing around with natural dyeing I've tried a lot of different things, some successful, some not so much! One that I always seem to keep coming back to time and again is Avocado dye! Why you ask!? Well first there's that colour. Strange really, because of all the colours out there pink has never been one of my favourites, but there's something about that dusky pink though! And then there's the avocado itself. I've always been a fan, they're delicious, and as I've got older and my diet unfortunately became more and more complicated they've ended up being a staple part of my eating, a safe go to when I'm feeling less than perky. So winner winner! I can eat them to my hearts desire then save the skins and pits to make something super pretty! 

So, the main reason I collected up my saved avocado pits and skins is this monster of a skein I've been saving in my stash for about three years. I get really precious over certain skeins, especially one like this. It was a gift from my parents when they visited Tallin and it's locally spun into a massive 350g skein. It's super wooly and rustic and gorgeous! Unfortunately something bitey got into my stash and when I last got it out it had been nibbled! Time to commit to a pattern and make this baby into something fun! Well, actually I still haven't decided on a pattern, but I did decide I wanted to dye it with my favourite natural dye! Take a look below!

How pretty is that pink! I used a combo of both the pits and the skins and heated them slowly to bring them to a simmer before letting them cool again. I repeated this several times over a few days. The best thing with avocados is to be patient. It can take a little while to extract a deep colour but it's so worth it! I also find that shifting the ph with a little baking soda really helps to! The yarn was mordented with alum and cream of tartar and once the dye was ready I added the wet, cool fibres into the cool dye bath. I brought it very slowly to a simmer and let it cool and repeated this process a couple of more times. Heat control is very important with protein fibres! You don't want a sudden change in temperature or you risky felting your lovely yarn!

 Once the yarn was dyed there was still loads of colour in the dye pot so I threw in some cotton fabric that I had pre mordanted with soya milk. I heated and cooled it a few times then left it in there for a few days before rinsing. The result was gorgeous! A really deep dusky pink. It paired really well with some fabric I'd eco printed so I decided to sew up these project bags as gifts for some lovely knitting friends!

So that's my latest adventure into avocado dyeing! If you have any questions about the process at all please post it in the comments! I'd love to share whatever I have learned! You can also keep up with my other dye adventures on instagram!

Fine And Dandy KAL


My Fine and Dandy’s are done and just in the nick of time! I was starting to get a bit worried last week and I’d not had as much time as I would have liked to work on them, but I managed to get them on the blockers by Friday! I’m so happy with them and it’s fun to look back at their progress from naked skein to sock! I was working on these all the way through April, from dyeing to knitting, and it’s lovely to see the month out with a lovely new pair of socks on my feet!

Even though we’re only 3 days into May I already have a new project on the needles so I’ll be sharing pics of that soon! It’s a blanket and I posted a pic of the beginnings of it on instagram already. This one’s a little time sensitive as it’s for my pending nephew and I’d love to have it pretty much done by the time he arrives. I’m also itching to cast on a new pair of socks with my avocado yarn but I’m going to try and hold off a little as I’ve still got my Waterlily patiently waiting. The problem is I want to knit all the things and just don’t have the time!

Happy Tuesday! xxxx

New Look For Flossi!

You might have noticed I’m having a bit of a spring clean here on the Flossi blog. There’s still quite a bit of tweaking going on don’t be surprised if it’s changed some more when you next visit! I’m pretty pleased with it so far though, especially with my new header!